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The Annie B. Realty Group

of EXP Realty

The Annie B. Group offers a specialized range of real estate, redesign, staging and remodel services. With our help you can maximize the value of, and realize the full potential of your home as we assist with simple yet effective renovation and design services. In addition to these services offered by The Annie B. Group, we also include gorgeous home staging, and specialized marketing and advertising campaigns that will spotlight your home to buyers around the country. We will work closely with you along the way with a focus on communication, effective pricing, and expert negotiation in every phase of your contract.

With the Spirit of Service in common, we at The Annie B. Group are devoted to serving our clients in every way possible and are always grateful for the heart-felt testimonials and and Five-Star Ratings received from our clients!  We give you our word: 

We Always Go Above & Beyond for You...   MORE, is what we do best!

If you're thinking of selling and would like expert advice on the best course of action for seeing your home sell at its fullest potential, or if you're looking to buy the home of your dreams, or perhaps invest in a home that will bring you top returns, let's visit and see how we can help make your home buying or selling dreams a happy reality!

We look forward to serving you,

Ann, Trina and Jon

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